We Help You Exude Natural Beauty At First Glance

We are an enterprise that was set up to bring pleasant surprises to flower lovers all around the world. Just like make-ups are primarily to beautify a lady’s face, so also are we primarily committed, with our startling dried flower products, everywhere they are per time, to turn such place into a center of cynosure and an epitome of beauty. On the other side, unlike make-ups, the beauty our dried flowers items conjure is close to eternity, as it takes years before it wanes or fades.

Currently, our team works in the United States and China, but we are looking forward to having our team working in every country across the globe.Our mission is to celebrate the beauty that nature holds through our products and we understand flowers are part of nature’s chic. Hence, our online store is geared at offering the finest dried flowers items of all types–exclusively handcrafted with premium materials for long-lasting use.Showcasing whimsical and earthy elements, our amazing products are irresistible to the eyes, and desirable to own. This is because they are purposed to bring cheerfulness with their bright natural colours and delicate scents.

We are committed to providing an extraordinary shopping experience. Our jewelry collection is delicately crafted by experienced artisans. As a leading producer of high quality floral accessories jewelry, we aim at bringing you life’s luxuries at unbeatable prices.Our exceptional selection of floral jewelry makes wonderful keepsake gift idea for any occasion. Each with an invaluable character, our flower lover’ related products is a great way to express individuality. 

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Flowelry Store is located at 11923 NE Sumner St. STE 685491 Portland, Oregon, 97220, USA.